Importance of Franking Machines


Every business set up requires a franking machine. This is a device that used to stick postage stamps in many mails which are being sent. Also, the process of putting these postage stamps is known as the franking, so the name of the device is obtained from the job it does. In industries which perform a lot of duties in sending large volumes of mails on a daily basis, this machine is very crucial, and they must have it. On top of these letters, the company also needs the franking machine to send the greeting cards, invoices and also send mails used for direct marketing. In such tasks, this machine is very useful to affix the stamps thus making the work so easy and very fast.

Regardless of the size of the business you run, you need to have a franking device for the proper and smooth running of your company. By having this device, it gives your company a professional look even the documents you send out talking more about the image of your business. Several franking machines print out franked stamps which have the company’s logo, some promotional texts and others have some business texts which are professionally designed to suit the clients. A company using a franking device can advertise its offers on the goods and services and its promotions on the products and services. The good thing with the franking machine is that you can be able to edit the messages you send out to your customers daily to fit them and attract more business.

Furthermore, by using the franking device, it allows the enterprise discounts, especially on mailing business. This gives the device an upper hand when compared to manual issuance of stamps. Through providing these discounts to companies, many are encouraged to buy and install the machines in their businesses. Another benefit of using the franking machine in businesses is that they minimize the losses of over-stamping one letter which is common with manual stamping systems. This device has an inbuilt integrated scale which ensures the correct postage.

Regarding accountability and expenditure records, this machine is doing very well. It gives the correct report of postage which in turn enables the company to calculate and claim the exact amount of their tax return. If your company has more than one department, then this machine is perfect for you to install and monitor all the postage transactions and the incurred costs. There are new models which are currently in the market which can serve multiple accounts.


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